Survey Objective

Developers use IDEs and code transformation libraries to introduce new programming language constructions into legacy systems, thereby supporting software rejuvenation efforts. However, there are some factors that prevent the application of such tools, including inadequate suggestions of refactoring tools and transformations that do not lead to effective improvements in the source code. Therefore, the main purpose of this research is to investigate empirically whether the adoption of lambda expressions improves or not the understanding of the program-one of the expected benefits by the use of lambda expressions in Java.


Participants do not have the obligation to answer the research questionnaire until the end, but it is of the utmost importance to answer all questions with seriousness and sincerity. We believe that your attendance is your own free will. By proceeding to the next screen, you agree to the terms for this research.


To participate in this survey, it is necessary to answer 7 questions for each pair of code snippets presented at the top of the screen.
- The code snippets are organized in: the Old Version (code before adding the lambda expression) and the New Version (after the change and introduction of lambda expressions to the snippet).
- Below, the participants will have 5 options to inform their agreement / disagreement level according to their observation regarding the two codes presented.
- The final question is not mandatory and allows you to write your opinion about the other questions answered previously. But this question is very important for this research and we need to you answer it. - The participant may evaluate 5 snippets of code answering the 7 questions presented on the screen..

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